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What is Go? Go is an old strategy game meant for two players that has gone by many different names over the years, with even more variations. Known for its simple rules Go is a very easy game to learn but incredibly difficult to master because of the in-depth strategy that surpasses even chess in its complexity. As one of the oldest strategy games in the world the game has a history as wide and varied as the places its played. For lovers of the game Go, ChessNgames.com is the place to be. Our Go board and Go Stone selection is vast and varied. We have different sizes and colors of go stones to varying styles of go boards with different types of wood in different sizes. In addition to game clocks for tournament play, and go bowls to keep all your pieces together so they are ready for your next battle. Hone your strategic skills with the game Go!
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Alphanumeric vinyl Go Mat
Our Price: $13.46

Alphanumeric vinyl Go Mat
Grey Plastic Go Bowls
Our Price: $14.00

These are very simple plastic go bowls used with the game strategy game go to keep all your pieces organized and available for easier play.

Black Go Bowls
Our Price: $17.50

Go Bowls Black Plastic (2) 4.5" x 3" tall
7mm Glass Stones w/ Bowls
Our Price: $25.16

Go Stones (320) 7mm x 20mm bi-convex Jungstone Glass in plastic bowls
Basic Go Set
Our Price: $26.96

Basic Go Set - The perfect go set for beginners

Go is a simple enough game with very intricate strategy that rivals that of chess. This basic go set has all the essentials so you can get started playing right away!

Go Board
Our Price: $35.00

Go Board w/ ball feet
Wood Travel Go Set
Wood Travel Go Set
Our Price: $38.66

Wood Travel Go

Go is a very simple game of strategy that is very easy to learn, but takes dedication and practice to master. This is Travel GO set, and very affordable Go Set, with all the important elements you need to play GO. Go stones, two pull out drawers to contain the many pieces, and a nice wood board!

With its pull out drawers that contain your pieces, and its small grid and pieces, this GO set is perfect for travel. Take GO with you wherever you go and always have a game to play! Test your mind and develop your strategy no matter where you are or who you are playing with!

Dimensions: 13 inches X 11 inches X 2 inches

Slotted wood Go Board
Slotted wood Go Board
Our Price: $45.06

Slotted Go Board - This Go board breaks down into two pieces to ensure easy transport! Made from quality materials this board is perfect for any Go player!
Wooden Go Board
Our Price: $47.66

Go Board - Thick Flat Wood veneer
Dimensions: 18.5L x 17.25W x .25H in
Wood Go Bowls
Our Price: $49.46

Go Bowls Large (2) Natural Date wood holds up to 21mm stones