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Cribbage is one of the oldest and most popular games to make its way through the English speaking world. Created in 17th century England, cribbage has stood the test of time, largely unchanged, due to its simple rules, set-up and portability. All you need for cribbage is a deck of cards, a few pegs, and a score board! Cribbage is typically played with two players but can be easily expanded to 3 or four players! Play in teams or against one another as long as each person has a track on the scoreboard! We have a variety of Cribbage boards. Ranging from 2 players to 4 players, in different woods and styles, some packaged as an all-inclusive set, so you have everything you need to start playing at one low price! Even if you only need a set of pegs for your board, we can help you!
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Metal Cribbage Pegs
Our Price: $2.66

Set of Replacement Cribbage pegs

This set of replacement cribbage pegs fits most standard sized cribbage boards. Comes in three colors (Gold, silver, black)

Folding Travel Cribbage
Our Price: $6.26

Folding Travel Sized Cribbage Board

This is a simple cribbage board with included pegs. Store a deck of cards and the pegs within and have a game of cribbage available at any time

3 Track Wood Cribbage
3 Track Wood Cribbage
Our Price: $15.26

Oak 3 player Cribbage Board

Here we have a very nice oak cribbage board complete with pegs. There are 3 tracks which are continuous for easy score keeping. This board also has a small compartment on the back to store your pegs so you can keep track of them!

29 Wood Cribbage Board
Our Price: $19.76

Full Cribbage Set

This is a very unique cribbage set. Race around the 29 to see who is the winner while it is showing you the perfect hand! This is a great set, Included with the board is a full deck of cards and pegs to keep track of your score, with storage in the back of the board for all of it! take your game on vacation with you and enjoy a nice game of cribbage where ever you go!

Travel Cribbage Set
Our Price: $21.95

Travel Cribbage Set

This small travel package has everything you need to play cribbage on the road, or on the go! Cribbage Board, pegs and a deck of cards all contained within a nice little case! What else do you need?

Folding Wood Cribbage
Our Price: $22.46

Folding Wood Cribbage

Here we have a folding travel sized cribbage set made of oak. Sturdy hinges allow this set to fold up and store the included cards and pegs within! This beautiful set is a 2 track cribbage board and is ready for play with two players, or two teams!

4 Track Cribbage
Our Price: $24.26

4 track Cribbage board

4 player continuous cribbage board! Made from a very nice natural wood, this board comes with a set of pegs and rules for the game cribbage so you can teach your whole family and get everyone in on the game!

Does NOT include Cards

Cribbage Box with Cards
Our Price: $25.95

Cribbage Set with locking storage

This particular cribbage set has a hinged compartment that has enough room to store all your pegs and cards. Lock the clasp and take your set on vacation so you can play cribbage on the road!

Cribbage and Dominoes
Our Price: $26.95

Cribbage Box w/dbl 6 Dominoes dominoes measure 2 x 1 x 1/4 thick
Inlaid Cribbage Box with Cards
Our Price: $42.26

18" Etched Wood Inlaid BG Folding 1.25" checkers wood dice no cups Teak case. 11.25 x 9 x 2 Folded