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Mah-Jongg originates in China and has rule variations depending wildly upon the region it is played in. Gameplay is very comparable to the game Rummy, requiring skills, and calculation, bundled with chance and is played with beautiful tiles instead of a deck of cards. We have a wonderful selection here at ChessNGames. Basic and travel sets for those just learning to play or like to play Mah-Jongg on the road, or much nicer sets with vinyl attaches or oak cases for the serious player looking to impress. All our sets are imported directly from China.
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Mah Jongg Push Racks
Mah Jongg Push Racks
Our Price: $12.95

Single Mah Jongg tile racks with push arms

Plastic Mah Jongg Racks with Push arms in multiple colors. Use the rack and arm to hold and move your tiles during your game instead of your hands. Racks are a nice addition to the game but are not necessary to play!

Basic Mah Jongg
Basic Mah Jongg
Our Price: $44.95

Basic Mah Jongg Set with Instructions

Here we have our most basic Mah Jongg set. Included is a full set of tiles and tile racks, as well as dice, betting chips, and an instruction booklet so you can get up to speed and playing Mah Jongg as fast as possible. This is a very simple set and by far our most affordable option for a full Mah Jongg Set.

Basic Mah Jongg Plastic tiles 1.5"x1"x.25" rules 4 racks money chips 10 jokers