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First Chess
Our Price: $26.96

'First Chess - Best Seller!
Black Vinyl Chess Box
Our Price: $30.56

Black Vinyl Chess Box Single Divider felt lined single latch fits up to 3.75" men
'5'' Wood Magnetic Chess'
Our Price: $31.46

This high quality set is designed for portability, with a folding board that's fitted with a wood handle and a slide-through drawer that stores the pieces when not in use; a vinyl pouch is also included to hold the pieces together while in the drawer. The board is made from high quality Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood, which is a sustainable hardwood that's environmentally friendly to harvest and holds up beautifully through years of use.

Time to pack up and move on, or just need to leave the game for awhile? No problem. Each of the highly-detailed chess pieces is fitted with a magnetic base that adheres to the board so everything stays just as you left it. The pieces themselves are carved in traditional style and differentiated by tones of pale tan and natural brown. Kings measure 1.25 inches tall; squares measure .75 inches per side.

5L X 5W, 7.5L X 7.5W
'12'' Wood Checker Set'
Our Price: $35.06

Shshm/Bxwd 1" checkers stackable: Walnut/Maple veneer inlaid Board 1 3/8" Square
15'' Simple wood Backgammon
Our Price: $35.96

This is a very simple yet elegant backgammon board from Yenigun. 15 inches wide with a checker board on the outside. 2 games for the price of one!
'14'' Wood Checker Set'
Our Price: $35.96

Shshm/Bxwd 1.25" checkers stackable: Walnut/Maple veneer inlaid Board 1.5" Square
'15'' Wood Checker Set'
Our Price: $35.96

'Boxwood 1.25'' checkers stackable on a 15-inch Walnut/Maple veneer inlaid Board '
Medium Sheesham Wood French Style Chessmen
Our Price: $38.66

This style has the French knight, Single weighted and felted bottoms. King height is 3.5". Bases of pieces are 1.25"
Wood Travel Go Set
Wood Travel Go Set
Our Price: $38.66

Wood Travel Go

Go is a very simple game of strategy that is very easy to learn, but takes dedication and practice to master. This is Travel GO set, and very affordable Go Set, with all the important elements you need to play GO. Go stones, two pull out drawers to contain the many pieces, and a nice wood board!

With its pull out drawers that contain your pieces, and its small grid and pieces, this GO set is perfect for travel. Take GO with you wherever you go and always have a game to play! Test your mind and develop your strategy no matter where you are or who you are playing with!

Dimensions: 13 inches X 11 inches X 2 inches

Shogi Folding Board
Our Price: $38.66

Folding Shogi Set

This is a small folding shogi set, with 1 in squares and engrave tiles.
Board dimensions: 10.25in X 9.25in
Comes with a small box that can hold the pieces.